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On The Water Blog

The Boater Stop "On The Water" Blog features articles on tips, how-to tips, equipment, industry news, the best boating locations and more.

  • black 3 blade boat propeller

    Boat Propeller Basics

    Boat Propellers - Precision for Optimal Performance While propellers may not seem like a critical component and any old propeller may work just fine,they critical role in determining the efficiency...

  • A boat sitting on a trailer with a grey winter cover

    Choosing and Installing a Boat Cover

    Introduction If you are storing your boat outside, you face a crucial decision: how best to protect the boat in a cost-effective way. Indoor storage can be cost prohibitive and even unavailable...

  • A DIY winterization bucket and oil flushing kit

    How Do I Winterize My Outboard Motor?

    There are 8 steps necessary to successfully winterize your outboard motor. Save a couple hundred bucks each year by following the steps below! This article provides insights into safeguarding an...