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A blue-grey Si-tex Trackplotter with 10 buttons and a multicolor display.

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Marine GPS Track Plotter

If you're an RV or boat enthusiast, you know the importance of precise navigation. GPS track plotters are your trusty companions, ensuring you stay on course without a hitch. Let's dive into the adventurous sea voyage with handy technology of track plotters.

In simple terms, a GPS track plotter is your virtual map companion. It charts your path, helps you find waypoints, and makes sure you never lose your way. Whether you're towing a trailer, exploring the open waters, or cruising in your RV, these devices keep you on track.

Why You Need a GPS Track Plotter

Recreational Vessel Adventures

When you're cruising in your RV, a GPS track plotter ensures you never miss a turn. It can guide you to watercraft designed for leisure and recreational activities on the water. Don't embark on your RV journey without one.

Boating Bliss

For boaters, a GPS track plotter is a game-changer. It syncs with your GPS navigator and radar, creating a seamless navigation experience. It's your virtual captain, ensuring you stay on course and find your favorite fishing spots effortlessly.

Trailer Towing

Towing a trailer can be challenging, especially in unfamiliar territory. A GPS track plotter integrated with your vessele's CAN system ensures you hitch and tow with precision. Say goodbye to the stress of trailer maneuvering.

Essential Features of GPS Track Plotter to Look For

NMEA 2000 Compatibility

NMEA 2000 is a standardized communication protocol used in marine electronics. It allows different devices on your boat to communicate with each other, providing a seamless and integrated experience. GPS track plotters that support NMEA 2000 can share vital information with other equipment like fish finders, radar systems, and even your GPS receiver. This compatibility ensures that all your marine devices work in harmony, improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your navigation.

NMEA 0183 Support

While NMEA 2000 is the modern standard, some older marine equipment still uses NMEA 0183. Having a GPS track plotter with NMEA 0183 support is essential if you have legacy devices on your boat. It ensures that your new plotter can communicate with and receive data from older equipment, helping you make the most of your existing technology investments.

Waypoints and Routes

Waypoints and routes are fundamental features for any GPS track plotter. Waypoints are specific locations or coordinates that you can mark on the map, making it easy to return to favorite fishing spots or scenic anchorages. R

outes, on the other hand, allow you to plan and save a sequence of waypoints, simplifying navigation on longer journeys. The ability to create and manage these waypoints and routes directly on your GPS track plotter is incredibly convenient and ensures you can navigate with ease.

Fishfinder GPS Track Plotter

Anglers will appreciate the Fishfinder GPS Track Plotter. Such as Garmin Striker 7CV combines fish-finding capabilities with precise navigation. This device is a game-changer for those who enjoy fishing while boating. It provides not only accurate navigation but also advanced fish-finding features like CHIRP sonar and ClearVü scanning sonar. With this GPS track plotter, you can discover the best fishing spots, making it an invaluable tool for fishing enthusiasts.

Notable GPS TRack Plotters

Notable products like the Garmin 152H GPS track plotter and the Garmin Striker 7CV 7 Color Fishfinder GPS track plotter exemplify the high-quality options available. These devices are designed to cater to the unique needs of boaters and anglers, offering accuracy, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced features like fish-finding capabilities.

The Garmin 152H GPS track plotter is a notable example of a reliable and trusted navigation tool for boaters. Garmin is renowned for its precision and accuracy, and the 152H is no exception. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced boaters. With this plotter, you can plot your course with confidence, knowing you're equipped with a dependable navigation system.

The Future of Marine Navigation

GPS track plotters are changing the way we navigate. They ensure you're never lost and always on track. Whether you're boating, RVing, or towing a trailer, these devices are your ultimate navigational companions.

So, if you're planning a boating adventure, RV road trip, or a trailer-towing expedition, don't forget your GPS track plotter. It's your ticket to hassle-free, precise navigation. Make your journeys smooth and enjoyable with this essential technology. Pre-order yours today