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Marine Safety - EPIRBs

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EPIRBs: Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons for Safety

Embarking on a maritime adventure is an exhilarating experience, but the open waters come with inherent uncertainties. In the realm of boat accessories, one vital component takes center stage—the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, or EPIRB. At our Shopify store, we take pride in presenting an extensive range of EPIRBs, ensuring that every sailor is equipped with top-tier safety technology.

Category I EPIRBs

For utmost reliability, consider our Category I EPIRBs. These devices are designed for automatic deployment in emergencies, ensuring swift and efficient distress signaling.

GPS-Enabled Personal Locator Beacons

Navigate the seas with confidence using our GPS-enabled personal locator beacons. These devices offer precise location accuracy, a crucial feature in distress situations.

EPIRB Mounting Brackets

Secure your EPIRB with our mounting brackets. These brackets provide stability, ensuring optimal performance during emergencies by keeping the device securely in place.

Buoyant EPIRBs

When unexpected events unfold, buoyant EPIRBs come to the rescue. Designed to stay afloat, these devices ensure efficient location signaling even in challenging conditions.

Manual Activation Personal Beacons

Take control of your safety with manual activation personal beacons. These devices offer a hands-on approach, allowing users to trigger distress signals when needed.

Category II EPIRBs

Our Category II EPIRBs provide reliable distress signaling capabilities for various marine situations. Explore this category for versatile safety solutions.

EPIRB Battery Replacement Kits

Maintain the readiness of your EPIRB with our battery replacement kits. These kits ensure continuous functionality by providing a reliable power source.

Hydrostatic Release EPIRBs

Enhance safety with hydrostatic release EPIRBs. These devices are designed for automatic activation in water, providing an additional layer of security.

Float-Free EPIRBs

In water emergencies, float-free EPIRBs automatically deploy, ensuring swift distress signal transmission. These devices are crucial for efficient distress communication.

Auto-Deploy EPIRBs

Simplify distress signaling with auto-deploy EPIRBs. These devices offer quick and efficient activation in emergencies, streamlining the response process.

GPS EPIRB Accessories

Enhance the capabilities of your EPIRB with GPS EPIRB accessories. These additions provide extra functionality, including precise location tracking.

Category III EPIRBs

For versatile distress signaling, Category III EPIRBs offer reliable performance in diverse maritime scenarios. Explore this category for adaptable safety solutions.

EPIRB Testing and Maintenance Kits

Ensure the ongoing reliability of your EPIRB with testing and maintenance kits. Regular checks are crucial for the continued effectiveness of your safety gear.

Category IV EPIRBs

Discover the compact yet powerful Category IV EPIRBs. These devices provide efficient distress signaling in a smaller form factor, catering to vessels with limited storage.

Manual Release Personal Locator Beacons

Maintain control over your distress signaling with manual release personal locator beacons. These devices ensure precision in activation.

Compact EPIRBs

Maximize space without compromising safety with our compact EPIRBs. These devices are ideal for vessels with limited storage capacity, offering a space-efficient solution.

EPIRB Hydrostatic Release Units

Ensure the seamless deployment of your EPIRB with hydrostatic release units. These units enhance water-activated activation, ensuring swift distress signaling.

Floating Personal Locator Beacons

Stay visible on the water with floating personal locator beacons. These devices are designed to remain buoyant, ensuring efficient signaling during emergencies.

Marine EPIRB Antennas

Optimize signal transmission with our marine EPIRB antennas. Clear communication is essential in distress situations, and these antennas contribute to reliable signaling.

Aviation EPIRBs

For airborne emergencies, explore our aviation EPIRBs. These devices provide reliable distress signaling capabilities for pilots navigating the skies.

EPIRB Signal Booster Kits

In challenging signal conditions, EPIRB signal booster kits enhance the reach of distress signals. These kits ensure reliable transmission, even in adverse environments.

Marine EPIRB Batteries

Maintain the power source of your EPIRB with our marine EPIRB batteries. These batteries offer long-lasting reliability, ensuring your safety gear remains operational.

Emergency Locator Beacon Pouches

Protect your emergency locator beacon with durable pouches. These pouches safeguard this critical safety equipment from damage and the elements.

GPS-Integrated EPIRBs

Experience advanced functionality with GPS-integrated EPIRBs. These devices combine distress signaling with precise location tracking, providing comprehensive safety features.

Man-Overboard EPIRBs

Address man-overboard situations swiftly with man-overboard EPIRBs. These devices are designed for rapid distress signaling, enhancing safety in critical situations.

Water-Activated Personal Beacons

For water-triggered distress signaling, water-activated personal beacons offer efficient and reliable activation. Explore this option for a responsive safety solution.

EPIRB Belt Clips

Keep your EPIRB within reach with our belt clips. These clips ensure easy access in emergencies, allowing for swift deployment when needed.

Satellite-Enabled EPIRBs

Explore the capabilities of satellite-enabled EPIRBs. These devices provide extended reach for distress signaling, ensuring communication in remote locations.

EPIRB Carry Cases

Protect your EPIRB during storage and transport with our EPIRB carry cases. These cases ensure durability and longevity, safeguarding your safety gear.

As we navigate through the diverse range of EPIRBs, it becomes evident that safety at sea is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Each category and accessory is tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring that sailors are equipped to handle a spectrum of maritime emergencies.


In the vast expanse of the ocean, where uncertainties lurk beneath the waves, EPIRBs emerge as beacons of safety, offering a lifeline to those in need. Our Shopify store is committed to providing a comprehensive selection of EPIRBs, from advanced GPS-integrated devices to compact and buoyant options.

As you embark on your maritime journey, consider the importance of investing in the right EPIRB for your vessel. Safety should never be compromised, and with our range of EPIRBs and related accessories, you can navigate the seas with confidence. The ocean may be unpredictable, but your safety doesn't have to be.

Sail on, fellow mariners, with the assurance that you are equipped with the best in EPIRB technology—a safeguard that stands ready to signal for help when the waves get rough. Because at sea, where challenges and adventures collide, your safety is our top priority.