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Black Seaview radar mount for open array

Boat Outfitting - Radar/TV Mounts

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Safety in Style - Design Aesthetics of TV Mounts:

Beyond functionality, the design aesthetics of our radar mounts add a touch of sophistication to your boat. We understand that safety shouldn't compromise style. Our mounts are crafted with an eye for design, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your vessel while ensuring optimal safety.

TV Mounts

Cinematic Onboard Experience:

Transition from the realm of safety to the realm of entertainment with our state-of-the-art TV mounts. Imagine transforming your boat into a floating cinema, where every voyage becomes an immersive cinematic experience. Whether you're a fan of timeless classics or crave the visual brilliance of UHD, our mounts provide the perfect angle for an unforgettable journey through the silver screen.

Weatherproof TV Mounting Solutions

Nature's elements are no match for our cockpit TV mounts. Engineered to endure the wrath of wind, rain, and sea spray, these mounts triumph over weather radar challenges. Whether you find yourself in Mount Vernon or Mount Dora, rest assured that your viewing pleasure remains uninterrupted, regardless of atmospheric conditions.

Innovative TV Mounting Ideas

Explore beyond the ordinary with our diverse boat TV mounting bracket options. Whether you're aboard a spacious pontoon boat or a sleek sailboat, our mounts offer versatile solutions, seamlessly blending with your boat's interior. Discover space-saving ideas and ergonomic designs that make your TV a harmonious part of your maritime retreat.

Tech Integration for Modern Mariners:

Seamlessly sync your TV with other onboard tech with our mounts. Loved by Mac users for their compatibility rebates and integration capabilities, our mounts represent the latest in TV technology. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about smart integration into your boat's entertainment ecosystem.

Transformative TV Bracket Option

Our TV mounting bracket options go beyond the conventional, offering transformative solutions for boat entertainment. From adjustable brackets for the perfect viewing angle to brackets designed for pontoon boats, we cater to diverse needs. Transform your boat's entertainment setup with brackets that prioritize both functionality and style.

Weather the Storm - TV Mounts Built to Last

Just like our radar mounts, our TV mounts are built to withstand the elements. Weather the storm, quite literally, with mounts engineered for durability. Rain or shine, our TV mounts promise uninterrupted entertainment, ensuring that your onboard movie nights are as reliable as they are enjoyable.

Pontoon to Sailboat - Versatility in TV Mounts:

Versatility is the hallmark of our TV mounts. Whether your vessel is a spacious pontoon boat or an elegant sailboat, our mounts are designed to adapt. Explore a range of options that cater to different boat types, ensuring that your TV seamlessly integrates with your boat's unique layout.

Elevate Aesthetics with TV Mount Designs

Aesthetics meet functionality in our TV mount designs. Elevate the visual appeal of your boat's interior with mounts that don't just hold your TV but enhance the overall ambiance. Your boat becomes a haven of entertainment, where style and technology converge seamlessly.

Space-Saving Solutions for Boat Interiors

Boat interiors demand innovative solutions. Our TV mounts go beyond the conventional, offering space-saving options that maximize the use of limited onboard space. Explore ideas that not only save space but also add a touch of ergonomic brilliance to your boat's interior design.

Smart Integration for Mac Users

Mac users rejoice! Our TV mounts are crafted with compatibility rebates specifically catering to Mac devices. Experience seamless integration, ensuring that your Mac becomes the centerpiece of your boat's entertainment setup. Smart technology meets Apple sophistication for an unparalleled onboard experience.

Rebates for Tech Compatibility

Tech compatibility is non-negotiable in the modern maritime world. Our TV mounts come with rebates that ensure compatibility with the latest in TV technology. Stay ahead of the curve, knowing that your entertainment setup is ready to adapt to the evolving landscape of tech innovations.


As we anchor this comprehensive exploration of boat radar and TV mounts, consider the transformative power these accessories bring to your maritime haven. From the precision of radar mounts ensuring safe navigation to the immersive entertainment experience facilitated by TV mounts, your boat becomes a true technological marvel. Embrace the synergy of safety and style as you set sail into the vast expanse, equipped with the latest in maritime innovation. The horizon awaits, promising adventures enriched by the reliability and sophistication of our radar and TV mounts. May your maritime journey be as awe-inspiring as the technology that accompanies you. Safe travels!